An Adventure of a Lifetime!

 Eric and Maria Holbein on their way to Tanzania!


Best wishes to Eric & Maria!

Eric and Maria will be doing a sort of internship with an organization called Neema Crafts.  Neema does a lot of things, but their focus is working with disabled people and teaching them a craft (papermaking, sewing, pottery, etc.). The products made are sold mostly out of a local gift shop.
Neema’s goal is to provide training and opportunity to disabled people, but also change local attitudes about disabilities. Neema helps people regain the ability to earn an income, which elevates them to a level where one can be productive and respected.

Eric and Maria will be doing many things while they are there (mostly management and training).  Eric will probably be spending a lot of his time working with the pottery and glass guys. There is a kiln that needs to be built and yet another that will need major repair.

Neema is in the city of Iringa, which is situated in the mountains of southern Tanzania. The population is a little over 100,000, so it’s not a giant city, but large enough to have most things they will need.
If you want to stay in touch with what they’re doing, visit their blog  or, if you want to read more about Neema, click on  their website.
Click  here  to view Eric’s work  ~  Click  here  to view Maria’s work

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