Bob Santandrea/ Southern Tier Biennial

santandreaIndian GardensReaching.jpg 300dpi 5x7Many congratulations to Bob Santandrea, one of several West End Gallery artists chosen for this year’s Southern Tier Biennial.  His accepted work is in pastel and is titled  “Indian Gardens.”  It’s a beautiful piece and is most deserving.  Congratulations, Bob!

Here are a few words from the artist on this work:

“Indian Gardens,” which was selected for this year’s Southern Tier Biennial Exhibition, was painted on the spur of the moment.  Back in early June, I saw an article in the Pastel Journal by Albert Handel, a well-known pastel artist, describing how he enjoyed painting rocks.  The article really piqued my interest – while I have done a number of paintings in which rocks had figured into the overall scheme, I had never made them the center of interest of my work.  I went through my photos and selected the subject of “Indian Gardens” from a trip to Palm Springs CA a couple of years ago.  I found myself intrigued by the relationships between the different rocks, the subtle variations in color, and cast shadows.  After I had finished, my wife pointed out that the same rock formation appeared in the Pastel Journal article! Sorry, Albert!

“Indian Gardens” is the first in a series of works in which I hope to focus on the forms and colors of rock formations.  I have completed a second painting of a formation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and am just starting on a third work.  We’ll see where this adventure takes me.


2 Responses to Bob Santandrea/ Southern Tier Biennial

  1. Nicely done, Bob! Lots of rocks out there are calling your name….

  2. Bob says:

    I’m just getting started, Jennifer!

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