Show Aftermath/ GC Myers

GC Myers-Time Serene

GC Myers-Time Serene

This past Friday was the opening  reception for this year’s GC Myers show, Islander, here at the West End Gallery.  It was a very good night at the gallery and the artist shared his thoughts on the evening in his blog over the weekend.  We thought we would pass it along below.

We also want to remind you that we will be hosting a Gallery Talk  with GC Myers this Thursday, August 1, from noon-1 PM at the gallery.  This is always a entertaining, lively  talk  but with  a new twist for this year– a drawing for those in attendance for an original piece of work from the artist!  So  make plans to spend some time with us Thursday.  You won’t want to miss this!

Here is what Gary wrote over the weekend about the show:

Well, the opening for my annual show, Islander, at the West End Gallery was this past Friday evening and, as I wrote here on Friday, I had some apprehensions. Not about the show itself. No, on that front I was confident and felt that this was one of the best shows I had produced for the gallery. No, it was just that summer openings are sometimes sparsely attended, especially when the weather is as beautiful as it has been for the last few days, everybody trying to pack in as much time as possible outdoors. But thankfully people did show up and the evening turned out well, even successful.

I would like to thank everyone who did come to the West End on Friday. I can’t really express how appreciative I am. It was such a pleasure getting to meet many new faces and talk with them for a bit. One of the luxuries of the summer opening is being able to spend more than one or two minutes with someone. I have had openings where even that short time is a stretch so being able to actually relate more about the work to someone who has traveled to see the show is a big plus.

For example, there were two couples, Melissa and Peter from the Albany area and Julie and Mark from Westchester County, who had traveled to Corning to see the show after coming across my work at last year’s exhibit at the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown. I was able to spend a little more time getting to know them and to tell them more about my work. I only hope that I didn’t talk too much!

I have written here before about how I judge a show by how much time the people in attendance spend looking at the wall rather than how many people gather in front of them to talk. The faces are all turned outward toward the walls rather than inward. This show was a good example of such a show. It wasn’t as crowded as some shows but those in attendance were definitely there to see the work. That is what I am looking for from my work– paintings that continue to draw the viewer’s eye to them and provoke a reaction. In this particular aspect, this show was definitely a hit.

Again, many thanks to those who came to the gallery. It was my pleasure to meet those of you who I was able to speak with and be assured that the energy you provide me carries me through a lot of long days alone in the studio. Thanks also to Linda, Jesse and Hedy at the West End for their their friendship and commitment to my work over the years. Their hard work on my behalf is so appreciated.

Now, on to the next thing– getting ready for my Gallery Talk at the West End this coming Thursday, from noon til one or so. Hope you can make it!


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