Tonight! Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo and Brian Keeler!

Tonight is the opening of our show of new work from artists Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo and Brian Keeler here at the West End Gallery.  The show begins with an opening reception with the artists beginning at 5 and running until 7:30 PM.  We thought we would share  below the artists’ thoughts on their work for this show along with some of their beautiful work.  We hope you can make it to the gallery for this exceptional exhibition.


Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo- Night Garden

Looking at my paintings I hope you will feel more connected to nature. To really see nature’s beauty, details and design. These past few years I have been working with gold leaf and silver leaf. These materials create a different kind of space for the plants or flowers to exist in, making them iconic images. The gold and silver highlight my subject’s silhouettes and the spaces in between. In my paintings I represent nature accurately, but also from my own viewpoint and with my own impression. I usually start a painting observing from life, with the subject in front of me. I prefer to work from life for as long as possible in an effort to capture the truth of my subjects. I use oil paints in thin transparent layers; this technique allows light to pass through and bounce off different layers of paint creating a luminous glow. The light and dark colors in the paintings change with the reflective metal leaf; and they continue to change depending on the light source and time of day. I hope that after looking at my paintings you will have a deeper love and appreciation of nature.

— Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo


Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo- Magnolia Opening


Brian Keeler

Brian Keeler- Autumnal Sky Sheshequin PA

Brian Keeler- Autumnal Sky Sheshequin PA

The portrayal of light as seen directly on the topography of the Finger Lakes area and Northern Pennsylvania landscape is the unifying theme of this group of paintings.  Many of them are plein aire works, which means that they were composed and painted on location with completions made in the studio. The paintings of Corot, or more precisely his approach rather than style have often served as an inspiration, as he was the “proto-impressionist” meaning that he was one of the first to take an easel outside to paint.   As I often do the out-of-doors painting late in the day

because of my attraction to the heightened drama of raking light, a number of these works show the sun glinting on the lakes or glowing through trees etc.  Others in the show are entirely painted in the studio but certainly based on impressions and studies from the motif.  The play of light as it describes the form and character of the land or figure and brings out various qualities has long been of interest to me and this show continues with that exploration. There are several nocturnes presented here, which show the softer, cooler and perhaps more poetic light of night along with the accents of house lights.


Brian Keeler- Wyalusing Winter Nocturne


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