Director’s Choice Opening Friday!

Nicora Gangi- Promise With a Bite

Nicora Gangi- Promise With a Bite

We here at the West End Gallery are truly excited about  this year’s Director’s Choice exhibit which opens this Friday, November 29.  This is one of our more popular shows every year as Gallery Director Linda Gardner chooses her favorite works from the extraordinary talented gallery artists she has assembled over the past three decades.  It is always a striking and beautiful show and this year promises to be perhaps the best ever.  There is a tremendous array of diverse art in many mediums throughout the gallery, with too many highlights to capture with one glimpse.

Joseph Q. Daily- Artist's Fiancee

Joseph Q. Daily- Artist’s Fiancee

Our regular longtime artists have a strong showing here and are joined by several new artists whose work is world-class.  We are really excited about these new artists and can’t wait to have you see their work.  Among the new additions are Joseph Q. Daily, Nicora Gangi and Trish Coonrod.  We will introduce them in posts throughout the week to give you a better look into their wonderful work.  Joseph Q. Daily has delivered several epic paintings that you will  not want to miss, including the piece shown here on the left.  Titled Artist’s Fiancee, it is a real show-stopper, measuring 75″ by 48″.  It is worth a visit just to see the work from these new West End artists.

Trish Coonrod- 2 Pears a Fig And Raspberries

Trish Coonrod- 2 Pears a Fig And Raspberries

Director’s Choice opens Friday, November 29, with a reception that runs from 5-7:30 PM.   The reception will feature wine and other refreshments along with  live music from Michele Gordon and Dennis Winge.  The show will be on display through December and comes to an end on January 18, 2014.

So, on the 30th, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to fill your Black Friday with a little color and a relaxing glass of wine.  Looking forward to seeing you at the West End Gallery!


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