20 Years of Little Gems

Nicora Gangi- Maxfield Evening Egg

Nicora Gangi- Maxfield Evening Egg

Tonight is the opening of our annual Little Gems exhibition here at the West End Gallery, one of our most popular shows every year.  It is a show filled with new small works from our talented artists and there are always lots of great work at very affordable prices.  It’s a great opportunity to fill out your collection or pick up a gift for your Valentine.  The show hangs in the gallery until March 7 and there is an opening reception tonight, Friday February 7th, that runs from 5-7:30 PM.  There are refreshments and music is provided by guitarist William Groome.

Tonightis also a celebration of sorts as this opening reception marks the twentieth year that it has been sponsored by our great friend JoAnn Bonady and her son Joseph P. Bonady.  They have been supporters of the gallery for many more years than that but have made the Little Gems show possible since the very first such show.

Everyone here at the West End Gallery– staff and artists– would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to JoAnn and Joseph.  Your support has meant so much to this gallery and to so many artists throughout the years.  We are all so grateful for your help and your friendship.  You’re the best!

So stop in tonight at the West End Gallery for a dynamite show.  Have a bite to eat, drink a little wine and listen to some beautiful music as you take in some exceptional artwork.  We look forward to seeing you!

Jennifer Fais- Cat in Snow

Jennifer Fais- Cat in Snow

Rebecca Finch- Awfully Fond of You

Rebecca Finch- Awfully Fond of You

Bin Zhang- Concerto in a Hazy Day

Bin Zhang- Concerto in a Hazy Day

Wilson Ong- Hip Hop

Wilson Ong- Hip Hop


2 Responses to 20 Years of Little Gems

  1. It is an honor to be part of this show. It should be a great time tonight!

  2. West End Gallery says:


    Thank you so much for doing the nice blog entry today-we appreciate it very much.

    I did notice one typo that you might want to correct-if not that’s OK. I’m sure everyone will figure it out-just thought you should know.

    On the next to the last line it should be “listen to some beautiful music”, not “little to some beautiful music”. Again, if you are busy and don’t want to bother, don’t worry about it.

    Thanks-see you tonight. Thank goodness for good weather. Hope Cheri is feeling much better.


    Linda Gardner Director/ Owner

    West End Gallery

    12 West Market St.

    Corning, NY 14830


    Email: info@westendgallery.net

    Website: http://www.westendgallery.net

    Blog: http://www.westendtalk.wordpress.com


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