Joseph Q. Daily Hits the Cover!

Mountain Home Cover Jos DailyWe here at the West End Gallery are so pleased top be able to congratulate one of our wonderful artists, Joseph Q. Daily, for being the subject of a cover story on the recent February edition of Mountain Home Magazine.  It’s a wonderfully written story from Brendan O’Meara that gives a detailed account of Joseph’s career thus far.  The cover features the strikingly beautiful painting, “Artist’s Fiancee“, that we are currently showing here at the gallery.

It’s a great read and will get you up to speed on the work of Joseph Q. Daily before the opening of our next gallery show, In the Spotlight, in which he is a featured artist and will be showing new work.  That show opens on March 14 and also features new and exciting work from Michael Barr, Bruce Baxter, Ross Delano, Jennifer Fais, Dana Hawk, David Higgins, Valorie Rohver, Bob Santandrea and Judy Soprano.

Joseph-Daily-in-Studio-1You can read this marvellous article by clicking here or can download the article by clicking here.  Enjoy the story and note the date for the In the Spotlight show to see even more of this talented artist and meet and chat with him as well.



One Response to Joseph Q. Daily Hits the Cover!

  1. West End Gallery - Jesse Gardner says:

    Thank you, Gary. Looks great!

    Jesse Gardner Assistant Director

    West End Gallery 12 West Market St. Corning, NY 14830 (607) 936-2011

    Website ~ Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ LinkedIn

    Thank you for supporting the arts!

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