Martin Poole Show Opening Friday


Martin Poole- Rush

Just a reminder that one of the highlights of our year here at the West End Gallery is coming up this coming Friday, June 13,  with our annual exhibit of new work from Martin Poole.   The main gallery is filled with luminous grand seascapes and landscapes and exquisite figurative pieces, all filled with glowing layers of colors that fill the space with a warm light.  Not a show to be missed.

And to add even more of an incentive, we are also showcasing the distinctive and renowned works of Treacy Ziegler in our Upstairs Gallery.  So mark your calendar and get down to the West End Gallery this Friday.  You can talk to both artists, drink a bit of wine, see world-class art and hear the guitar styling of William Groome.

Sounds like a perfect evening, doesn’t it?

Hope to see you there Friday.


Martin Poole- Big World


Martin Poole- Red Line


Martin Poole- Lesson


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