In the Words of the Artist/ Martin Poole

PooleEndOfTheWorldLThe  fabulous Martin Poole show ends next Friday, July 18th.  Be sure to come in to see this work before it comes down.  Here’s what Marty Poole has to say about his work:

“I am a romantic.I believe that behind the surfaces we all recognize there is some kind of energy moving, like blood beneath our skin. Naming things, using things, “knowing” things – this stuff keeps our worried rational mind comforted, but we are most alive when we are touched. The closest we get to seeing the forces that move our lives around is when we feel raw nature at work – The rest of our time is waiting, longing. So art is a negotiation between our thirsty minds and the heated heart inside us that only needs art when it needs a voice. I don’t know where this is taking me, but after years of fooling around with words, music and paint, I think I know why.”


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