GC Myers/ “Layers” Show Opens Friday!

GC Myers- Layers We are pleased here at the West End Gallery to say that this Friday is the opening for our annual exhibit of works from artist GC Myers.  This year’s show is titled Layers and  is a body of work that fills the gallery with rich colors and forms, many with his signature Red Tree serving as the central figure.

Gary started his career with us back in early 1995 and has grown a substantial following around the country and abroad in the years since.  For the past twelve years we have been pleased to present a solo showing of his work each July and it has become one of the more popular shows on our calendar.  We believe this show ranks among the best of those shows and is one that should not be missed.

The exhibit, Layers, opens with a reception that runs from 4:30 until 7:30 Friday, July 25, at our Market Street gallery.  It will hang until August 29th.  Myers will be having an artist talk on August 9 — there will be more info on that in the next week.

Here is the statement for this show from GC Myers :

I chose the title for this year’s West End Gallery show, Layers, after a re-examination of my work where I tried to determine what themes might have appeared in it, often without thought or guidance from me, through the years. The thing that struck me was how often the paintings were about layers.

Layers in the literal sense, as in the Archaeology and Strata series where the actual underground layers’ patterns become integral rhythmic parts of the painting.

Layers of depth into the picture plane, represented often by a path passing through layers of rolling landscape. Usually to a distant horizon and a sun/moon beyond.

Layers of texture, often chaotic, in the surface of the paintings which add depth and meaning, catching and darkening colors in the depths and lightening them at the highest points.

Layers of color as in the skies of much of my work that require dozens and dozens of layers of color, to the point that only a tiny bit of most of the layers show through. But without each layer, even those that barely show, the painting would lack its fullness.

Layers of meaning. Most of these works have an easy accessibility and a simplicity that can be understood and enjoyed with a casual observation but beyond that there is a layer, even layers, of emotion that are often only revealed by a deeper examination, allowing the color, the forms and the textures to fully fill in the blanks.

Perhaps these layers represent those layers in our world, our emotional and spiritual spheres that, while unseen, move us forward in our lives.

I don’t know the why’s or the what’s of them. I only know that for me these layers add something to the work that I never could have imagined.



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