Last Days of “Layers”

GC Myers- The Find

GC Myers- The Find

Here at the West End Gallery we are getting ready to take down the current show at the end of the day tomorrow.  Going up in its place and opening next Friday, September 5th, is a great show from two of our incredibly talented painters, Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo and Brian Keeler.  The current show, Layers, from artist GC Myers is a wonderful show that has had great reactions here in the gallery.  We hope that if you haven’t seen the show you will stop in before tomorrow evening and take a final look.

We thought we’d share Myers’ thoughts on the final days of this show from today’s edition of  his blog, RedTreeTimes:

Tomorrow is the final day for my show,” Layers”,  at the West End Gallery.

It’s been a great show, one that I was pleased with from the time that it came together and one that brought great reaction in the gallery.  That’s a gratifying feeling as an artist  to have those two things intersect in a show.  Anytime a show is successful it affirms that the vision you hold for the work in it is somewhat on track.  It tells me that the work is somehow hitting the mark in creating an emotional conduit which reaches off the wall and connects to any viewer open to it.

And this show has done that.  And more.

I have written before of the post-show letdown that often comes, a malaise that sets in once the show’s opening has passed.  This show has not seen anything like that. In fact, it has been the reverse.  It has been far more inspiring, creating more energy in the studio than I would normally see in the aftermath of most shows.  It is like a tide of positive energy has flowed from this show and I am eager to harness it, to see what it brings.

Many thanks to Lin and Jesse at the West End for their positive response to this show and to everyone who has seen the show or made some piece in it their own.  You have given me more than you will ever know and I hope that you have found something in the work that inspires you as well.


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