“In The Spotlight” Opens Tonight!

Jennifer Fais- Duet

Jennifer Fais- Duet

Our new exhibit here at the West End Gallery features six of our finest and long established talents in an exciting mix of styles that gives the gallery a spring-like feeling of color and positivity– the perfect remedy for the winter hangover we have all been feeling as of late!  It’s a wonderful show featuring the oils and watercolors from artists Bruce Baxter, Ileen Kaplan, Brian Hart, Jennifer Fais and Judy Soprano along with gorgeous jewelry from Becky Congdon.  Each has their newest works created just for this show on display.

The show opens tonight, Friday, March 6, with an opening reception that runs from 5-7:30 PM and is open, as always, to one and all.  Music will be provided by  Matrix Flute & Guitar Duo.  There will also be a variety of refreshments and snacks to enjoy as you take in the beautiful art and music.  The show hangs in our gallery until April 24.

So, if you feel like breaking free from winter’s clutches tonight, stop into the West End Gallery for great art, music, and so much more.  The artists will be in attendance and would love to speak with you about their latest works.  Hope to see you there!

Brian Hart- Autumn Daybreak

Brian Hart- Autumn Daybreak

In the Spot IleenKaplanSunlightontheYellowShedL

Ileen Kaplan- Sunlight on the Yellow Shed

In the Spot BruceBaxterCocktailDressL

Bruce Baxter- Cocktail Dress

In the Spot CongdonSnowflakeHollowNecklaceL

Becky Congdon– Snowflake Hollow Necklace


Judy Soprano, Stone Bridge

Judy Soprano, Stone Bridge


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