Aleta Wynn Yarrow

February 8, 2010

Aleta Wynn Yarrow, Catching The Dream
Paper collage, mixed media

Congratulations to longtime West End Gallery artist and good friend Aleta Wynn Yarrow, who’s been named the new Director of Interpretive Programs at the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art in Scranton, PA.

I first saw Aleta’s Catching The Dream years ago in West End Gallery’s old space upstairs at 97 West Market. I remember climbing the back stairs, light slanting through the tall window on the landing, and arriving at the top to find this piece hanging on the far wall of the North Gallery. Catching The Dream was my introduction to Aleta’s work, and suffice it to say it made a lasting impression.

Nearly fifteen years later, Aleta’s work remains as personal and uncompromising as any I’ve seen.  And whatever she does, it’s always positive.

The Everhart’s gonna like what she brings. She’s got all the tools & experience you could ask for- And most importantly, she cares big.

If you know Aleta, these things- especially the latter- are evident. If you don’t know her yet, I hope you get the chance.

———-posted by Mark Reep


Gallery Gems

February 4, 2010

Our annual exhibit of small paintings, Little Gems, opens tomorrow night.  This year’s offerings really makeup a wonderful group of work and the walls are filled with selections from nearly every gallery artist in a wide range of styles and subjects.

In other words, there is something interesting for just about anyone.

From Dustin Boutwell’s tiny still lifes, like his Tootsie above, to the whimsical creature characters, such as  Pig Brother shown here, from Wilson Ong, there are too many highlights to mention.  We, here at the gallery, think this might be the best all-around group of small paintings we’ve had in the sixteen years that Little Gems has been held.

Little Gems opens Friday evening, February 5th, with a reception that starts at 5 PM and runs until 7:30 PM.  We’ll be featuring the music of flute trio A.m.A. throughout the evening.  This year’s reception is generously sponsored by a great friend of the gallery, Jo Ann Bonady and her son Joseph Bonady.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Feelings On Gems/ GC Myers

February 1, 2010

The Little Gems show opens this coming Friday, February 5, at the West End Gallery in Corning.  I always look forward to this annual show of little paintings, to see how other artists tackle the challenge of working small, especially those who usually work in much larger formats.  It’s usually a great display of really interesting small works

But this show has also always held special significance for me besides it just being a great exhibit.  It was the first show that I ever publicly displayed my work, back in 1995. I wasn’t sure where the road would lead at that point and surprisingly, it has surpassed my hopes of that time. Without that first step, at that first show fifteen years ago, I might very well have a very, very different life now. So you see how I put some weight towards this exhibit of small paintings.

I also like this show for the format which forces me to work small. It’s a great opportunity to work out new things on a small basis,such as amping up different colors and blocking in new compositions. Or to  revisit a composition that I may have used in the past experimenting with a different feel and color. Small pieces enable me to work on dynamism on a small scale, finding what elements work and might translate to larger work in the future.

Important rehearsal time.

From a collecting standpoint, small works have always been important to me. Many of my longtime collectors obtained a small painting of mine as their first piece of art. I try to make the small pieces every bit the same, painting with the same care and focus, as the larger, more expensive paintings in all aspects except for the price. I like the idea of making original work available in price to most people, opening the sometimes overbearing world of art to a wider range of the public. There is something exciting about having new eyes and new energy in the galleries and both often come from people who may have been intimidated by the idea of even being in an art gallery in the past.

And like my first foray into the world of art fifteen years back, that can be an important first step.

————Posted By GC Myers